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Boudicca…or Boadicea... rose up against Rome, and in doing so became a symbol in later British consciousness of many things: of the ability to withstand oppression, of the courage of wronged innocence, and of the nobility of standing up against overwhelming odds, until her image merged in the nineteenth century into that of Queen Victoria and the island nation itself. 

"Boudicca, Warrior Queen", examines the history and the myth of this queen of an obscure Celtic tribe who levied the greatest force ever put together in Britain… a force that dwarfed anything the British mustered at one time and in one place, until the grim trench warfare of the First World War. How was this possible, and what forces were at work underpinning her? 

These are just two of the subjects investigated as we put together a picture of the times in which this woman, flogged by the Romans and with her daughters raped, issued one of the greatest challenges the Empire ever faced.