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When the Reverend Patrick Bronte moved with his wife and six small children to the West Yorkshire village of Haworth in 1820, few would have guessed the incredible story that was to unfold in the wild moorlands. This program tells that story, charting the progress of the Bronte Sisters from their childhood writing collaborations with Bramwell, to their independent literary achievements which are acclaimed the world over.

All three sisters were first published in 1847, Charlotte Bronte with ‘Jane Eyre’, closely followed in a joint edition by Emily with her one and only novel ‘Wuthering Heights’, and Anne with ‘Agnes Grey’. ‘Wuthering Heights’ shocked Victorian society, but its darkly drawn evil hero Heathcliff went on to become one of the greatest romantic characters to be found in English literature.

Although all three sisters had died by 1855, the story of their short lives, played out behind a facade of Victorian respectability, is to many people, as fascinating and dramatic as their work.