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Known as the father of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer's literary eminence was achieved despite having lived in one of the most troubled centuries the world has known, and one particularly fraught for England. Chaucer may have suffered accordingly. It has been proposed that he was murdered!

He was born as England had entered into a war of conquest which was to last over 100 years, he survived the Black Death, and would witness the first revolutionary rising to challenge the status quo to date. He would be a soldier, a prisoner, a spy, a top civil servant, and a courtier. Throughout and despite all this, he would lead what was a brief golden age of English literature.  Ultimately, he may have fallen foul of an English Inquisition.

ln addition Terry Jones, writer, film director, actor and historian contributes an interview to the program during which he presents his view of Chaucer and his society with wit, charm and passion and  vigorously supports his theory that the poet  became a victim of the political upheaval caused by the regime change from Richard II to Henry IV.