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Charles Dickens translated the vigor of nineteenth century London into his works of fiction, a vigor that created and destroyed vast fortunes, and spawned a thronging underclass of the uneducated and malnourished, which was more often browbeaten and humiliated than aggressive and dangerous.

Our journey takes us through areas which were no-go in Dickens’ time, and down Kingsway, the thoroughfare that swept away a multitude of back streets and in so doing created a demarcation line between the law courts and the world of theatre. Both these areas were to attract the assiduous attention of the writer. We pass by Bloomsbury, the area that was to be rebuilt to become an intellectual enclave after having been set fire to in the religious riots portrayed in Barnaby Rudge.  

We finally reach our journey's end, Westminster Abbey, where Charles Dickens lies buried in Poets’ Corner amongst other literary giants of his nation, appropriately facing the Houses of Parliament where he had started his literary career, and whose tenants had been the butt of many of his bitterest satires.