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With Shakespeare’s Stratford, ArtsmagicDVD presents a detailed tour of the city that produced the greatest playwright in history. Courtesy of our guide, Sue Sutton, Shakespearean actress and expert, we are presented with an in-depth knowledge of Stratford and its illustrious native son, which includes the kind of tales that aren't normally found in the guide books. At least one astonishing error in Shakespearean scholarship is uncovered, as we learn that one of the key sites that has drawn literary pilgrims over the years was mistakenly identified.

In partnership with the Shakespeare trust, and in the company of its dedicated staff, we visit a host of Shakespearean locations, including his school, his family home, Anne Hathaway´s cottage, and his place of burial amongst many others. This program represents the most complete visual interpretation of Shakespeare and his home town ever undertaken. A must for all students and admirers of the greatest of all English writers.