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Today's combat pilots have to fly and fight at speeds and ranges unthinkable only a few years ago. The USAF's mighty F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter blasts up into a dogfight at more than 50,000 feet a minute, while NATO's Tornado streaks in at the speed of sound at tree top level to lay a carpet of 4,704 submunitions in front of enemy armour. 

Air Combat Today puts you at the controls of these and many other fighting jets as they deploy the latest weaponry. The powerful F-14 Tomcat fires its AIM-54C Phoenix missiles against targets over 100 miles away. The A-6 Intruder uses its TRAM turret during practice attacks with Snakeye bombs. The latest F-111 uses Pave Tack laser and infrared sensors to deliver Paveway guided bombs with deadly accuracy. Harriers go in with the 68mm Sneb rocket. Then on to the training ranges where you'll join Red Flag, the biggest and most exciting military air exercises in the world. 

Top pilots and aircraft from all over the Free World learn how to defeat even the most cunning and agile enemy as they hone their skills with live weaponry, monitored by computers watching and analysing every dogfight. Air Combat Today’s superb footage is accompanied by a detailed script by aviation expert Bill Gunston.