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Ranging from huge ICBMs – Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles – capable of striking round the world to small, hand-held, throwaway anti-tank weapons, rockets and missiles the way in which wars are fought. 

Watch tank kills with America’s TOW, Maverick and Hellfire, Europe’s HOT and Milan and Sweden’s unique top-attack Bill anti-tank missile. See hostile aircraft swatted out of the sky over the modern battlefield by Rapier, Starstreak, ADATS and Javelin surface-to-air weapons. 

View ship-borne Sea Wolf, Sea Dart and Aegis Standard 2 missiles defend the fleet in spectacular engagements. Fly aboard fighters to launch attacks with short-range Sidewinder and the latest AMRAAM medium-range air-to-air missiles. 

And see the GLCM and SLCM Tomahawk tactical cruise missiles and the huge, heavyweight Trident and Peacekeeper ICBMs launched against distant targets Modern Missiles contains unique footage of over 25 of the major Western types and is accompanied by a detailed script by leading aviation authority Bill Gunston.