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Tornado was designed to meet the needs of Britain’s Royal Air Force, Germany’s Luftwaffe and Marineflieger and Italy’s Aeronautica Militare Italiano. No aircraft before or since has packed such striking power into such a compact package. 

The initial production model used by all the original customers and Saudi Arabia. In late 1990 Tornados formed the spearhead of UN striking power in the Gulf, ready to hack it ‘for real’ at a moment’s notice. Tornado IDS can hurtle down steep-sided valleys carrying an 8,000-lb bombload without using any of the pylons on its pivoting swing wings. It is the fastest aircraft in the world at treetop height, at 800-knots, and has been cleared to carry more types of stores than any other warplane. 

The Tornado ECR – electronic combat and reconnaissance – version is packed with advanced avionics for finding and defeating hostile defense systems. The Tornado ADV – air-defense variant - is also in service with the Royal Saudi Air Force. It can destroy aircraft in a blizzard, at nigh, 1000-miles from its base. 

Thunder into action with Command Vision’s Tornado video accompanied by a detailed commentary written by leading aviation authority Bill Gunston.