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The battle to liberate the tiny state of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation was the greatest demonstration of United Nations' solidarity since Korea. It involved hundreds of thousands of men and women from nearly three dozen nations. It was an awe-inspiring demonstration of the incredible accuracy and effectiveness of modern weapon systems, many of them being used in anger for the very first time. 

This unique documentary chronicles the events in the Gulf from 2 August 1990, when Saddam Hussein's forces first moved into Kuwait, to 28 February 1991, when they were unequivocally beaten by a combination of superior firepower, and even more importantly, willpower. The film traces the early stages of embargo and attempted negotiation through to the month-long allied air offensive and the final decisive one hundred hour battle on the ground. 

Throughout, British air, land and sea forces played a key role and demonstrated the sheer professionalism and skill which makes them admired worldwide. Using material provided by The British Forces, The Pentagon and the pooled news gathering resources of ITN and-the BBC, this film shows all the sophisticated armoury of the coalition forces, from infantry small arms to tanks, minesweepers to aircraft carriers and battleships, missiles and bombs to the most advanced combat aircraft in existence.