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For many visitors, Liverpool is one giant theme park... and the theme is the Beatles.
  At least, such is the suggestion of Spencer Leigh, Liverpudlian, Disc Jockey for BBC Radio Merseyside and investigator of the Beatles phenomenon for over forty years. 

Together with Spencer and Beatles historian Ray O’Brien, we explore over sixty key Beatles sites, including the Cavern Club, and the homes where John, Paul and George were brought up, as well as no less than three houses with associations to Ringo’s childhood.   

At the same time, we meet on location over twenty personalities who made the Liverpool scene the epicentre of the sixties cultural explosion, including Allan Williams (the man who gave away the Beatles), Bill Harry (friend of the Beatles and founder of the immensely influential paper ‘Mersey Beat’), Kingsize Taylor, (the man who brought rock’n’roll into Liverpool), and that’s just for starters.   

This mammoth 5½ hour program is essential viewing for anyone who was around at the time, and all the others who wish they had been!