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In 1953, a young man stepped into a recording studio to cut a disc as a present for his mother. A year later, he returned to Sun Studios, and musical history was made. Mike Freeman takes us on a personal guided tour of the Elvis Memphis sites. He’s doubly qualified, being a historian at the University of Memphis, when he’s not running his own Elvis tours.

Under his expert and enthusiastic guidance, we visit getting on to 50 different locations, including not only the famous Sun Studios, Elvis’ High School, and his teenage home, but everywhere Elvis. We cruise from the eateries where the King used to hang out with his ‘Mafia’ buddies, to the karate school, where he perfected the kicks and punches that he was to incorporate into his stage act. Along the way, we meet the Memphis folk who are best able to tell you how it all came about.

It all happened in Memphis.