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Regarded by many as the most important influence on the pop music scene, and as the leader of the ultimate supergroup, The Beatles, John Lennon's significance has been seen to spread far beyond the rock'n'roll arena.   Despite having been demonized when he claimed that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ, Lennon, a supreme ironist, would have enjoyed the fact that he is now regarded as one of the most engaging humanists of the twentieth century.   

This reputation is largely due to his time in New York, where he lived for a quarter of his life, his ultimate tribute to his love of the American people and their music.   

Guided by Trina Yannicos and Susan Ryan we make a grand tour of the Big Apple, honing in on the sites that will be for ever associated with The Beatles and John Lennon. We visit the homes where he and Yoko Ono lived together, the eateries, the recording studios, and finally Strawberry Fields, the spot in Central Park where New Yorkers repaid their respect to the man who had fallen in love with their city.