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1985 was a year of great celebration in what was then West Germany. A gigantic exhibition was staged in Nürnberg, the city where railways first began some 150 years before. In September a series of parades was held in which upwards of 70 locomotives and trains from all eras passed before huge crowds. 

On the lines which radiate from Nürnberg a flotilla of special trains undertook tours throughout the year. They were hauled by veteran steam, diesel and electric locomotives which gave the modern generation a chance to see what their railway heritage was all about and the older generations a chance to indulge a year of pure nostalgia.

It is doubtful that such an event could be organised again. Other countries lack Germany’s resources and have not preserved their old steam engines and rolling stock so well.

Our cameras were there for many weeks recording all aspects of the Jubilee and this programme records the many locomotives and their trains which took part in the exhibition, the parades and, most importantly, the many special runs around Bavaria. It encapsulates, in a one-hour potted version the development of 150 years of railways in Germany.