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This program is divided into three sections:-

The first is an Introduction to the everyday running of the Jamaican Railway System prior to its closure in October 1992. The diesels seen include General Electric (Bo Bo), English Electric (Bo Bo), Metropolitan Cammell diesel hydraulic railcars with both freight and passenger trains in operation.

The second part involves the star of the show, engine 54, the last of a line of M class 4-8-0s build by the Canadian Locomotive Company from 1920 to 1944. Designed as an M3, the bell, headlamp and cowcatcher gave her distinctly American lines. This loco is seen from her initial steaming, test run and servicing before working THE BANANA BOAT STEAM TRAIN for the 63 mile journey, climbing to over 800 feet through the mountains on gradients of 1 in 30 from Kingston to Port Antonio in 1965. Kingston Locomotive depot is visited with steam locos although in a withdrawn status. A 0-8-0T built in Britain and a couple of US-built 0-6-Ts are seen languishing.

The last section is footage of the filming of THE MECENARIES (Starring Rod Taylor and co-starring Jim Brown) and features the untimely end of loco number 55.

Original soundtracks of the excursion with loco recorded ‘on the day’ have been used with background interviews. The ‘Engine 54’ Calypso played by Lord Power and Dizzy Five complete the Jamaican Railway scene - the friendliest line in the world.