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From Bussang in France to Koblenz in Germany, the river Moselle (to give its French spelling) swells from a trickling stream to become one of the great commercial waterways of Europe. A wide variety of railways follow its tortuous route. Unfortunately the remote line, which followed the infant stream from its source, closed some time ago but from Remiremont through Nancy, Metz, Thionville and Trier to its confluence with the Rhine in Koblenz, railways are never far away from the river.

This is a program of international freight and passenger trains as well as more humble regional variations. A major international NATO exercise took place during the filming and a number of French military trains are shown on both French and German soil. Many German trains run along the Mosel (to give it its German spelling) into Luxembourg and this is the territory of the rare class 181 dual voltage locomotives.

Throughout its entire length, the river forms part of an ever-changing and delightful landscape. Grapes are harvested as the trains thunder by. Ancient fortresses stand on rocky outcrops and mighty bridges span its waters. We see the waterway in all its moods, from swirling early morning mist to mirror-like reflection on calm summer days. Like the railway, it’s a major freight carrier and many forms of shipping are shown. Come with us for a romantic riverside journey!