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GERMANY AT WAR 1918-1941


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This is the first in an unique trilogy that presents events leading up to World War II, as well as the war itself,  from footage that would have been seen by the German nation at the time.

The comprehensive commentary allows the viewer to understand the content of what is being seen, whilst placing these events in their ‘whole war’ context. The program offers compulsive viewing as well as an invaluable resource for understanding World War II.

PART ONE (1918 - 1941) CONTAINS: 

The Rise Of Hitler (1918-1933) • Hitler’s First Cabinet Meeting • Berlin Torchlight Parade • The Reichstag Fire • Passage Of The Enabling Act • The Night Of The Long Knives • Death Of Hindenburg • Germany’s Re-Armament (1933-1939) • Re-Occupation Of The Rhineland • Hitler And Mussolini • Anschluss With Austria • Munich Agreement/Sudetenland • Occupation Of Czechoslovakia            • Invasion Of Poland And British Ultimatum • Britain’s Declaration Of War • Hitler Visits Troops At The Front • The Polish Surrender • Invasion Of Denmark • War In Norway • Case Yellow/Invasion Of France • Advance Through The Ardennes To The Meuse • Rommel & The Crossing Of The Meuse • Guderian At Sedan      • The Drive To The Channel • The Dutch Surrender • The British Expeditionary Forces Retreat To Dunkirk • German Advance/Operation Dynamo • German Offensive On The Somme • Rommel’s 7th. Panzer Division • The Fall Of Paris     • Hitler In Paris • The Fall Of France • Peace Treaty At Compiegne • France Divided • Victory Parade In Berlin • Results Of British Air Raids • Battle Of Britain • Super Heavy Artillery On The Channel Coast • Focke Wulf Condor • Rommel Arrives In Africa • Invasion Of The Balkans & Crete • Germany Invades Russia    • German Bridging Units • Soviet Prisoners Of War • Hitler Forsakes Moscow & Moves South • Hitler At Field Marshal Block’s Headquarters • Rommel At Tobruk