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GERMANY AT WAR 1941-1943


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This is the second in an unique trilogy that presents events leading up to World War II, as well as the war itself,  from footage that would have been seen by the German nation at the time.

The comprehensive commentary allows the viewer to understand the content of what is being seen, whilst placing these events in their ‘whole war’ context. The program offers compulsive viewing as well as an invaluable resource for understanding World War II.

PART TWO (1941 - 1943) CONTAINS: 

U-Boats 1941 • The Battle For Moscow • Germany Celebrating Christmas 1941 • The Eastern Front • Winter Clothes Appeal • U-Boats Off The American Coast • German Tank Production • North Africa/The Western Desert 1941 • Hitler & Mussolini Meeting 1942 • The Summer Offensive In Russia • Japanese Submarine Docks At La Rochelle In France • The Assault On Stalingrad • Armed Force Day In Berlin • U-Boat Pens In France • The Tunisian Theatre • Russia/The Manstein Counter Offensive • Hitler Youth Division • German Armaments Factories • Children Evacuated From German Cities • The War In Yugoslavia • The Battle Of Kursk • Hitler & The Furher Headquarters • The Siege Of Leningrad • Retreat Across The Straits Of Messina • King Boris Of Bulgaria Visits Hitler • The Blohm Und Voss BV-138 Aeroplane