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GERMANY AT WAR 1943-1945


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This is the third in an unique trilogy that presents events leading up to World War II, as well as the war itself,  from footage that would have been seen by the German nation at the time. 

The comprehensive commentary allows the viewer to understand the content of what is being seen, whilst placing these events in their ‘whole war’ context. The program offers compulsive viewing as well as an invaluable resource for understanding World War II.

PART THREE (1943 - 1945) CONTAINS:

Stukas In Action Over Russia • Allied Landings In Italy • The Mountain Top Rescue Of Mussolini • The Russian Front - Fighting In The Dnieper Bend • Goebbels Inspects The Bomb Damage Of German Cities • The Messerschmitt ME-323 Aeroplane • Fighting At Anzio & Monte Cassino As Germans Fall Back • Hitler’s Birthday Celebrations (1944) • United States Air Force Bombing Raid On Berlin • Field Marshall Rommel & The Atlantic Wall • The Normandy Campaign • 20th July Bomb Plot Against Hitler • The Battle Of Falaise • The V1 Rocket Over London • Soviets Fighting In East Prussia • The Warsaw Uprising & Its Destruction • The Battle Of Arnhem • The Funeral Of Field Marshall Rommel • The Battle Of The Bulge • The V2 Rocket • Soviet Drive To The Oder • The Fortification Of Berlin • Berlin Citizens & Panzerfausts • Hitler’s Last Appearance On Film Inspecting The Hitler Youth Defending Berlin • The Battle Of Berlin • The Remains Of Goebbels & His Family • The Search For Hitler • Himmler’s Suicide • Goering's Capture, Incarceration For Trial & Eventual Suicide • Berlin -  The Final Surrender Ceremony