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This unique trilogy, spanning from 1918 to 1945, presents the events leading up to Word War II, as well as covering the war itself, from footage that would have been seen by the German nation at that time. 

The comprehensive commentary allows the viewer to understand the content of what is being seen, whilst placing these events in their ‘whole war’ context, making these programs compulsive viewing as well as an invaluable resource for understanding WWII.

PART ONE (1918 - 1941) includes: 
The Rise Of Hitler • The Reichstag Fire • The Night Of The Long Knives • Death Of Hindenburg • Germany’s Re-Armament (1933-1939) • Hitler And Mussolini • Occupation Of Czechoslovakia • Invasion Of Poland And British Ultimatum • Britain’s Declaration Of War • The Polish Surrender • Case Yellow/Invasion Of France • Rommel & The Crossing Of The Meuse   Hitler In Paris • The Fall Of France • Peace Treaty At Compiegne • Battle Of Britain • Rommel Arrives In Africa • Invasion Of The Balkans & Crete • Germany Invades Russia • Soviet Prisoners Of War

PART TWO (1941 - 1943) includes: 
U-boats 1941 • The Battle For Moscow • Germany Celebrating Christmas 1941 • North Africa/The Western Desert 1941 • Hitler & Mussolini Meeting 1942 • The Summer Offensive In Russia • Japanese Submarine Docks At La Rochelle In France • The Assault On Stalingrad • U-boat Pens In France • The Tunisian Theatre • Russia/The Manstein Counter Offensive • Hitler Youth Division • The War In Yugoslavia • The Battle Of Kursk • Hitler & The Führer Headquarters • The Siege Of Leningrad • Retreat Across The Straits Of Messina • King Boris Of Bulgaria Visits Hitler

PART THREE (1943 - 1945) includes:
Stukas In Action Over Russia • Allied Landings In Italy • Goebbels Inspects The Bomb Damage Of German Cities • Hitler’s Birthday Celebrations (1944) • US Bombing Raid On Berlin • The Normandy Campaign • 20th July Bomb Plot Against Hitler • The V1 Rocket Over London • The Warsaw Uprising & Its Destruction • Rommel’s Funeral • The Battle Of The Bulge • The Fortification Of Berlin • Hitler’s Last Appearance On Film Inspecting The Hitler Youth • The Battle Of Berlin • The Search For Hitler • Himmler & Goering’s Suicides • Berlin -  The Final Surrender Ceremony