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On 20th July 1944, a bomb, planted by high ranking German officer, Claus von Stauffenberg, exploded in the briefing room of Wolf’s Lair, Adolf Hitler's Eastern Front HQ. 

Although the bomb was only a few feet away from the Fuhrer, he miraculously survived, to wreak bloodthirsty vengeance on the whole of the German resistance movement.  

This is the story, horrific, tragic, but also at times almost comical  of the most serious attempt to assassinate the warlord. This is the story of Operation Valkyrie, the plan to kill Hitler, which he himself had approved!

Also Included is an interview with Nigel Jones, author of the book ‘Countdown to Valkyrie’. Here, Nigel talks about his lifetime’s ambition to write about  Claus von Stauffenberg and the assassination plot. Also included are Nigel’s thoughts about his interview with Berthold von Stauffenberg, Claus’ son, at the Stauffenberg family home.